Why we do it

Now, perhaps more than ever has the job market become more competitive, more important and more diverse.  The effects of 2020 on the hospitality and travel industry have been catastrophic and the restrictions of quarantine, COVID and Brexit have had a dire effect on the human movement of the job market.

It is, therefore more important than ever to inject some love into the job of finding a job.  We want candidates to be enthralled, motivated and excited about roles advertised.  We want services to be able to reach a wider audience of people with multiple skills who are committed to finding a new role, who are keen to think outside the box, or perhaps who want to step off the gravy train and follow their dreams of trying something new.

When I was a child I used to pour over travel brochures my mother procured from our local agent.  I used to stick post-it notes on pictures of far flung beaches, nodding palm trees and azure blue waters and dream of future trips.  We want job seekers to have the same sensory experience when searching for a role. Rather than scrolling down endless pages of 2-dimensional text with nameless and soulless adverts for positions around the world, we want to curate a brochure of exciting opportunities in beautiful places, and when you are sat on the bus in the driving evening rain of an autumnal evening, you can glimpse at positions in alpine hotels, beach side restaurants or cosy rural pubs, and rather than just dream – you can apply.

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