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Over the course of the past 15 years that I have worked in recruitment – both seasonally and back in the UK -  I have used job platforms in all of their guises.  What I have found is that there isn’t one that works better than others.  Some you pay an upfront fee for, some you pay per click, some are free and work more down the vein of ‘spreading the word’, but all have led me to screaming at my computer in frustration.

As a recruiter we have approximately 30 seconds to open an application, click on a CV and assess a candidate’s suitability for the role applied to.  Quite often adverts attract applications which reach into the hundreds – one recently had 479.  We look at each and every one.


Of these applications about 30% have no CV attached, another 30% might just say “please call me” or “please see my profile” or even just “I want a job”, and yet we still have to open these applications before deleting them.  It is laborious, time consuming and frustrating – not just as a recruiter but also for those candidates who have made the effort to market themselves effectively, attach their CV, write a cover note; and have less of the recruiter’s time to sell themselves as they are fighting with dud applicants.

On the back of this we have worked hard to create a job site that works for both the job seeker and the recruiter.

On the client side Wandrlust allows services and agencies to create a profile for themselves, to introduce the candidate to their establishment and offering, complete with photos and an introduction to sell themselves.  Job postings are presented aesthetically with appropriate images, a full description of duties and requirements, a salary description and an insight into the accommodation is provided.  Services and agencies are able to ‘sell’ their product to their marketplace in an attractive, appealing and vibrant manner.

On the job seeker side, Wandrlust asks candidates to join up and create a profile, putting together their essential information, their career history, their skills and qualifications.  Only once complete are they able to apply for a role. 

Roles are presented by industry sector and location, and when clicking on the ‘apply now’ button the candidate’s full profile is sent directly through to the recruiter.  Efficient, simple and ensuring that each applicant is selling themselves appropriately, and each recruiter receives all the relevant information required.

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